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Parental Control

Isn’t telling parents about a break-up the worst? I feel like I have to comfort them so they don’t worry too much. I’m great! Things are great! Everything is awesome except for a tiny life change! I called my parents’ … Continue reading

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I feel

… ok/bad/good/exhausted. My jaw and throat hurt from trying to not tear up at the wrong time when customers are asking for a coffee refill. I feel hurt and confused and unable to sleep or eat more than a few … Continue reading

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On Endings

No matter how much physical pain I’m currently in, it will get better. Always. And when a Perfect Partner is no longer fulfilling a desired role, someone will remind me that I am loved, and I will feel less scared … Continue reading

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On Vulnerability

A piece (or pieces) of advice for people who a.) think they know better b.) love someone c.) relocated everything to a vastly different location. If I could start over, I would change nothing. By that I mean, I changed … Continue reading

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Routine ≠ Monotony

Sometimes it’s hard to blog when it seems like there’s nothing exciting happening. I suppose it’s setting in that I’ve lived here just over 5 months and still don’t feel a real sense of belonging that I hoped I would … Continue reading

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