5/2011 List Update

  1. Draw an activity twice per week and post it to the blog, even though I’m terrible at drawingiced coffee (Done! Iced coffee from a new place down the street)
  2. Go to one art show per month. (Done! First Friday Art Walk)
  3. Post one item per week to one of my Etsy shops.
  4. Meditate once per week.
  5. Buy a bicycle and the bravery (bike shops do sell bravery, right?) to ride it in the city.
  6. Get a tattoo.
  7. Paint my nails (hands or toes, or both) twice per month.
  8. Go camping twice.
  9. Cook a real meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner) twice per week. (Easily done now! I started doing a dinner share with three other friends where we swap meals. This week I made hearts of palm and avocado salad with lime vinaigrette, banana-chocolate pudding, and quinoa-bean salad. All nice and light for summer)
  10. Cook meals for others once a month. (Done: Dinner share covers this one too! Also shared with 2 people not in the share)
  11. Learn to embroider and cross stitch. (Working on embroidery!)
  12. Walk, rather than drive, as often as possible.
  13. Seek out, friend input accepted, one new band I enjoy once a week.  (Done! RBTS WIN, perfect for workouts without giving me a headache)
  14. Purge and donate belongings that I really do not use.
  15. Think seriously about getting a dog. (My parents’ dog is having puppies in 4-5 months, so we’ll see where I’m living by then! Doubtful I’ll be a homeowner that early though)
  16. Watch The Office episode of Jim & Pam’s wedding.
  17. (Edited 8/24) Back up my computer quarterly and sort through files to eliminate duplicates and unneeded junk.
  18. Save $200 per month.
  19. Put at least 1/3 of each paycheck towards credit card payments.
  20. Read one book per month. (Done! Bossypants by Tina Fey, and I’m partially through Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil)
  21. (added 8/21) Lose 15 lbs.
  22. (added 8/21) Do ten pushups each day.
  23. (added 8/21) Write one real (snail mail) letter each month. (Done! I decided a postcard counts)
  24. (added 8/24) Take vitamins and calcium supplement daily. (I’ve admitted to myself that I’m an adult, but I need chewable vitamins. I frequently stuff the pills in my purse/pocket/car and forget to take them by the time I find a drink)

About Betterment Letters

Lover of potential happiness, bad jokes, outdoor naps, and documentation.
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2 Responses to 5/2011 List Update

  1. Sosha says:

    Meditate once a week looks really nice to me… You should start doing that!

    • Sosha, very true! I’m going to get up extra early tomorrow and start with 10-15 min after breakfast. I’m already looking forward to updating this list for June, as I’ve crossed off some other items too!

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