June To Do List Update!

  1. Road trip visit to the Baltimore an aquarium (edited: 100% of people I’ve talked to have said it’s not worth it! I’m researching other aquariums to visit instead. Maybe Atlanta!)
  2. Post one item to Etsy per week after June 15
  3. Work out 4x per week (edited: 5x per week would be great, but 4x is reasonable. I’ll aim for 5 but the minimum is 4)
  4. Lose 15 lbs.
  5. Go camping & cook food outdoors
  6. Visit the mountains
  7. Go to a Big Business show
  8. Go to a Band of Horses show
  9. Make food for others once weekly:: Food share! Last week I made kale & asparagus pesto pasta
  10. Finish an embroidery pattern from Sublime Stitching
  11. Purge, sort, organize belongings at home & in storage unit before moving!
  12. Move into new, beautiful house!
  13. Go hiking
  14. Walk on the beach at night (perhaps no day beachtime for me!)
  15. Make Filipino food
  16. Work on lowering anxiety levels
  17. Watch all of the Harry Potter movies before seeing the last movie
  18. Charge my camera and document my adventures
  19. Host a ladies’ night in the new house & invite friends who haven’t met yet
  20. Live a more tidy life:: Have been cleaning and organizing a bit each day
  21. Have my car serviced and inspected
  22. Read Midnight in the Garden of Good an Evil (almost finished!!)Under the Banner of HeavenJust KidsEat Pray LoveThe Master and Margarita
  23. Play putt putt golf
  24. Go bowling
  25. Make an effort to see more friends each week, despite a busy schedule:: More impromptu porch hangs, more coffee dates, and more phone chats with out-of-town friends
  26. Study for grad school
  27. Post my new band/song/album of the week each week:: Foster the People and Two Door Cinema Club (and the Pandora stations) serve as great store-cleaning soundtracks!

About Betterment Letters

Lover of potential happiness, bad jokes, outdoor naps, and documentation.
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One Response to June To Do List Update!

  1. Tess says:

    Yay Midnight In the Garden of Good and Evil! The book is great. We will watch the movie lots when we live together.

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