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Beauty & the Beastbikini

Summertime, bikinitime. This year I decided I will not avoid bathing suits! I didn’t wear one last year, but I own some two pieces, and have been wearing them at home (indoors, alone) to get used to the idea again. … Continue reading

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An Interview Tale

Applying for jobs makes me go “ugh.” In an interview this morning, I was asked why I am applying for a job in Virginia when I currently live in Philadelphia. DO NOT FEAR! I didn’t go into detail. I just … Continue reading

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Routine ≠ Monotony

Sometimes it’s hard to blog when it seems like there’s nothing exciting happening. I suppose it’s setting in that I’ve lived here just over 5 months and still don’t feel a real sense of belonging that I hoped I would … Continue reading

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A Different Kind of Procrastination

Do you ever pile on the responsibilities when you’re avoiding little things? I feel like I’ve been doing that lately. Rather than tending to my messy apartment, health issues, sleep, art, reading, etc., I’ve been overextending myself. When I moved … Continue reading

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How does one avoid heartbreak and defeat? I don’t think I’m the person to ask. But I do know that you have to always do what will make you proud of yourself, whether it’s fighting or fleeing. I’m working hard, … Continue reading

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Some days I feel like a fucking rock star-supermodel-social butterfly-creative genius-clever girl. And other days I feel like absolute maggot poop. Haha, “maggot poop” made me laugh, it was the worst possible thing I could think of just now.  Anyway, … Continue reading

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Fleas, money, family, addiction

Fleas, money, family, and addiction. Fleas: They’re in my house. They bite my feet and make me dance like bullets. My cat, dosed with flea medicine, watches them bounce. The stray cats who live under my house are the culprits, … Continue reading

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